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X95 - R

X95 545

One Rifle, Three Calibers - The only one in the world!
Training on a single weapon
Multitask platform
Combined logistics

The X95 is the Special Forces firearm designed for the next generation users of small arms.
The X95 was developed in close cooperation with the Elite Units of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and was tailored to their specific requirements and needs .
The X95 was created to deal with modern threats of anti-terror, in urban and open areas combat - all in one mission.
The X95 is the standard Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Assault Rifle.
The X95 incorporates advanced technology that allows the conversion from 5.56mm caliber to 9mm to 5.45mm caliber and vice versa.
This leap in technology enables the soldier to use the same weapon platform for a wide ar ray of scenarios.
In addition, the multi caliber X95 is used worldwide as it is compatible with western and eastern ammunition.
This attribute saves training time, spare parts and also reduces overall costs. The conversion may include a silencer for all calibers, thus distinguishing itself as the ideal weapon for Special Forces dealing with complicated situations.

X95-R | Technical Data

Model X95-R
Mechanical Features
Caliber 5.45x39 mm
Weight 3.03 Kg
Overall Length 580 mm
Barrel Length 330 mm (13")

Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories

Mepro 21 Reflex Sight

Mepro Mor Reflex Sight 
     MX3 Magnifier

Mini-mon NVG

Flash Light

Assualt Grip


3 Point Swivel


Blank Fire Attachments

Tactical Vest