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The IWI Academy is one of the leading departments of the Israel Weapon Industries Ltd. company. The academy is based upon IWI world wide experience in over 40 countries. This experience has been based upon years of professional service in all branches of law enforcement and defense forces such as: military, Special Forces, police, homeland security etc.

The IWI Academy is a world known professional instruction and training institute that deals with four main disciplines. Each discipline starts with the basic courses and continues up to the toughest and most rigorous courses in each subject. IWI is known for centering its training on operational fighting and for providing practical solutions for teams deployed in high risk environments. IWI prepares organizations to achieve their objectives with professionalism, discretion and efficiency.

The core competence of the IWI academy is based in its instructors who are veterans of either the IDF, Elite Police units or various intelligence agencies. After excelling in performing their skills in the field as commanders and fighters, these individuals are then chosen as instructors if they also poses an  inherent high degree of instructing ability. All instructors are qualified only after passing the advanced IWI academy courses with high scores.
The IWI Academy distinguishes itself by having the ability to "tailor suit" its courses while applying its knowledge and experience to support the clients stated objectives.

Our Main Activities:
The IWI Academy offers the customer a full range of consulting, project planning, training courses and equipment provision.
IWI provides several courses and special training in the following departments:

  • Military
  • VIP/Executive
  • Police
  • Maritime

All of the IWI academy courses will significantly improve the client's knowledge in all aspects of security and modern warfare. Our courses will enhance professionalism, soldier's fitness, combat survivability and will enhance accuracy & hit probability.