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NEGEV LMG (Light Machine Gun)

The NEGEV is a small light weight advanced machine gun. The NEGEV is very reliable under adverse and extreme conditions such as mud, dirt and snow.
The NEGEV has been battle proven all over the world to meet with the modern battlefield demands. One extraordinary feature is the semi-automatic safety allowing the NEGEV to be used also in CQB (close quarter battle) operations safely.
The NEGEV 5.56mm and 7.62mm Light Machine Gun is an open bolt LMG; that can be fed by a belt, assault drum or a NATO/Galil magazine.

The NEGEV main features are:
  • The NEGEV has a gas regulator for rate of fire adjustment.
  • The NEGEV has the possibility to use standard Nato magazines, Galil magazines, belt or a drum.
  • The NEGEV includes a semi automatic mode that enables accurate and fast controlled fire for close quarter battle or an automatic mode that allows maximum firepower for infantry combat.
  • The NEGEV can be fired from a verity of mounts, special helicopter airborne mount, vehicle or sea crafts mounts.
  • There are four safety mechanisms that minimize the chances of uncontrolled fire.
  • Beta-lights are installed on the sights enabling firing in dim light conditions.
  • The NEGEV has a 45 assault handle allowing an excellent grip for charging.
  • The NEGEV bipod is extremely robust and durable.
  • The NEGEV is equipped with picattiny rails for optical devices.
  • The NEGEV can be quickly dismantled on the field for maintenance.
  • The NEGEV has true OTB (over the beech) capability.

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NEGEV models:

Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories

Mepro 21 Reflex Sight

Mepro Mor Reflex Sight 

Mini-mon NVG

Laser Designator

Flash Light



Blank Fire Attachments

Tactical Vest