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Micro UZI

The Micro UZI Sub Machine Gun (SMG) is a lightweight magazine fed firearms. It is a blowback operated, shoulder or hip held weapon that can be fired in an automatic or a semi automatic mode.

The magazine housing is located in the pistol grip, making  magazine changes  fast and easy especially in darkness.


  • Magazine capacity 20, 25 . or 32 Rds.
  • Blowback operation.
  • Integrated jump compensator (on barrel).
  • Two modes of operation: Semi-Automatic or automatic.
  • Folded butt.
  • Cocking handle located on the breech block.
  • Integral picatinny rail mount on the receiver cover.
  • Additional rail for mounting electro optic devices under the barrel.  
  • Safety Features:
    1. Manual Safety.
    2. Grip Safety (must be fully depressed before the gun is cocked or fired).
    3. Firing Pin Blocker (close bolt version).
    4. Cocking with Ratchet mechanism (open bolt version) to prevent accidental. discharge in case of knob slipping during cocking. 

Micro UZI

Models MICRO UZI SMG 9 mm
Mini UZI OB (STD) Mini UZI CB (STD) Mini UZI CB (SF) Micro UZI CB (SF)
  Mechanical Features
Cartridge 9x19 mm Parabellum
Operation Blowback, selective fire OBP or CBP
Firing mode Semi-auto, Auto
Feeding 20, 25 and 32-round box magazine
Barrel rifling 4 R.H. grooves, 1 turn in 254 mm (10 in)
  Weight (Kg)
Weapon only 2.65 2.65 2.80 2.20
  Lengths (mm)
Barrel 197 197 197 134
Overall Length stock extended 588 588 588 504
Overall Length stock folded 360 360 360 282
  Firing Characteristics
Muzzle velocity (Approx.) (m/sec) 380 380 380 350
Rate of fire (Approx.) (rds/min) 1100 1150 1150 1050
Sight line radius 235 235 235 184
Front sight Post type (Adj. for elevation)
Rear sight Aperture, "L" flip type (Adj. for windage)
Silencer Option + - - +

UZI SMG Family
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Download Brochure

Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories

Mepro 21 Reflex Sight

Mepro Mor Reflex Sight 
     Mx3 Magnifier

Mini-mon NVG

Flash Light

Assualt Grip

3 Point Swivel


Blank Fire Attachments

Tactical Vest